Research & Interests

Without research and scholarly pursuits, I cannot maintain the required knowledge, understanding, or experience that is at the core of meaningful librarianship.  Below are a list of interests and passions that motivate me to continue learning how to best serve my students.

Research Interests

  • Learner identity and the role of discursive performatives within higher education
  • Educational philosophy and sociology in higher education learning
  • Gamification and play in library pedagogy and instruction
  • Student negotiation of library spaces
  • Integrating UX and information literacy within higher education
  • Partnership and collaborations within academic library environments

Scholarly Interests

With a background in History, Library & Information Science, and Education, I have experienced a truly comprehensive trifecta of research methodology, philosophy, and practice.  As a practitioner, I am interested in discourse analysis and the application of ethnographic research methods within the higher education library environment.  My scholarly endeavors are influenced by post-structuralism and are often conceptually framed around Foucauldian ideas of discipline, power and knowledge.

Whilst I believe in the importance of collecting and analyzing quantitative data, as well as the need for triangulation and mixed-methods research, my heart belongs to hermeneutics.