Publications & Presentations

“Publish or perish” isn’t just for academics anymore, so please continue to watch this space for future entries of my publishing endeavors!


Blunk, R. (2013) ‘Book review: Rethinking information literacy: a practical framework for supporting learning’, Health Librarians Group Newsletter, 30(2), pp. 10-11. Available at: (Accessed 20 September 2015).

Blunk, R. (2014) “One Lego brick at a time: using LSP to teach library skills’, UKSG eNews, Available at: (Accessed 15 November 2015).

Blunk, R. (2015) ‘All in it together: inclusion in education’, Childhood Remixed Journal, Available at: (Accessed 20 September 2015). LInk to video below:


Please note- this is only a selection of presentations

Blunk, R. (2014) ‘The kids are ‘all right’: how Summon has shaped IL teaching practices’, 3rd annual Summon and information literacy day conference, video below:

Blunk, R. (2015) ‘LSP in LD: using Lego to encourage learning development,’ ALDinHE conference 2015, slides below:

Blunk, R. (2015) “10 things you need to know about searching” prepared for first year library student induction.

Blunk, R. (2016) ‘Sharing spaces with Foucault: how students demonstrate power and identity within university culture through Foucauldian discourse analysis’, presentation to University of Cambridge librarians.


In 2014, I was offered an amazing opportunity to be part of my institution’s “This is us” campaign.  This is a link to the project, as well as the organization’s official press release.