Look what the cat dragged in!

ImageA great deal has been going for me in the past couple of months, hence my inability to follow up on my blog.  One of the major updates to report is that, as you may have noticed by the name change for the blog itself, I have completed my PgCHEP module and have been awarded the status of Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  Coasting on the waves of motivation, I decided to keep up my momentum and started a Masters course in Learning and Teaching, to commence in January.  I very much look forward to the opportunity to continue my journey of developing as an educator, along with first love, librarianship.

Some other exciting (at least to me) news to report is that both my short paper and poster applications sent to LILAC have been accepted.  Therefore, come April, I will be presenting a paper on the development of the assignment toolkit here at UCS, including collaboration with our other Academic Development teams, Elevate and Learning Development at the Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference at Sheffield Hallam University.  My poster presentation, to be displayed during the conference will demonstrate the various tools our library has used to promote information literacy without breaking the bank.  I am beyond excited and am very much looking forward to this experience and am grateful for the opportunity.

Speaking of the toolkit, it is coming together slowly but surely!  We now have our Essay, Presentation and Dissertation sections live for student (and public) use.  Unfortunately, we are a bit behind schedule, but I have been using every opportunity I have to edit, amend and add content.  One of the most difficult elements of transferring content to the CMS used is the need to make the tool consistent- therefore, when our wonderful guys in Learning Development send content for me to add, I usually end up spending a few hours working with the information so that the overall presentation reflects other sections of the toolkit.  Not to mention the challenge of making the toolkit as visually stimulating as possible.  I say challenge because I have never been one to consider the added value of utilising visual elements to say something rather than using words.  Being encouraged to do so has been, dare I say, an experiment in my sanity- however, I absolutely welcome it and am grateful for being challenged to think in a different way than I’m used to.  Work on the toolkit will continue for the next few months, and hopefully, the main assignment elements will be complete by Easter!

Conferences- I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be heading north for the LILAC conference in April, but there are also a number of additional workshops and conferences I’m having the privilege to attend.  There is a Librarian Teachmeet in March (also at Sheffield Hallam) where I’ll be talking with other librarians about teaching strategies and experiences- which I hope I can incorporate into my experience on the MALT course.  The ic2c conference in Manchester takes place the same week- 6-7 March.  This conference is all about innovation, inspiration and creativity within libraries.  I’ve taken a look at the programme, and whilst I’m sure doing “serious play” with LEGOs for two hours would be tons of fun, there are a few other sessions running at the same time I think would be more suitable for my role here at UCS.  I’ve recently applied for a free place at this conference and look forward to hearing back at the end of February.  The Information Literacy: Future Trends, Scenarios & Learning Activities workshop is 3 April, and ARLG is sometime in April- although I am unsure if I will attend.  In short, there are numerous activities going on this Spring- all of which I very much look forward to.  I think my perspective will be slightly different at conferences this year, as opposed to last year- my first year, when I was concentrating mostly on the content, and did not socialise much with other delegates.  It’s occurred to me since then, the importance of making connections with other librarians and sharing ideas.

Other projects happening with the library include the development of a digital literacy suite of modules, to be discussed in a future blog, as well as work with reading lists.

Finally, I’ll be reviewing a book to be published in the LIR (Library & Information Research) newsletter called The Information Society.

I’m a busy bee as usual and wouldn’t have it any other way!


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