Getting started with PgCHEP

I am well into my PgCHEP endeavour, thinking up a storm about how I intend to manage through this process.  I keep thinking about how I want to use the work that I’m doing here at the library, and while I’m excited about it all getting underway, I know that the procrastinator in me is going to be heavy on the “thinking” and weak on the “acting.”  I’m attempting to start this blog so that I can get used to working with different technologies and keep records of the work i’m doing.  Even as I type this, however, I’m thinking about two appointments I was supposed to make with academics, and that I’ve forgotten to log a one-to-one session on a Google docs page.  I suppose I will still foget to follow through today, as I’ve typed it out, so my brain starts to confuse that with actually “doing” something. 

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on information literacy lately.  There is just so much information to review, and I hate to say it, the majority of it is pretty interesting.  Information literacy is such a generic term and is often defined in a generic way, but it’s so important for students to have a grasp of.  I have become increasingly fascinated with the idea of sharing ideas and skills with students in order for them to develop better critical thinking skills and to, essentially, learn how to learn.  My hope is that, with all of the reading I’ve been doing, I’ll have my own library of information swirling around in my brain that I can use to begin to develop the information literacy strategy for my library.  It seems like such a daunting and important task, which of course, immediately makes me want to freak out.  I know I just have to remember that I’m a professional, I can get through this…step by step.  Not to mention, I have incredible support from my colleagues.

So here I go with my journey…step one (as of now)…look over the UKPSF to build my framework for completing module one.



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